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The way my real man fucks with you has been so much fun to witness. The way he's made you see me like his personal whore - the way he tells you to make me available to him a a specific time, at a specific place and dressed in a specific way - it's been so hard for you cucky. Having to end our valentine's day meal early because he messaged to say he was parked outside the restaurant and wanted his cock sucked 'RIGHT NOW'. Having to cancel our romantic weekend away for your birthday because he wanted 'his whore' for a business trip hurt you - I could tell cucky. When he told you to bring me to his hotel room on the one date night, he'd given permission for you to have with me - that was super cruel of him. I've enjoyed the mind games he's been playing with you - but now he's decided to take this even further.

He's decided you shouldn't just look at me as his personal whore anymore - you should see me as a real whore. He wants to take me from you for good - he wants me to become a whore for other men. He's told his friends and some of the men he works with that they can pay you to use me. He wants you delivering me to men all over town - every night. He wants your phone constantly busy with messages from horny guys demanding your little princess for all kinds of sexual practices. He wants men sending you messages asking if I do anal, if I fuck without a condom, if I'll do groups, if they can cum in my mouth. He wants men asking how much it costs to have me overnight or how much to spank me. And you're gonna answer every on cuckold.

You're not going to be able to ignore what my real man has taken from you cuckold. Stealing your girlfriend from you was just the beginning. He took your right to fuck me away from you and then he turned me into his whore - and made you believe it. He treated me like a whore and made sure you took care of every detail. Now he's letting other men treat me like a whore - letting men pay you to fuck your girlfriend. He's making you dress me in the sexiest lingerie, the tightest mini-dresses and the highest heels and he's making you deliver me to other men. He makes you wait for me to come home to you - used up and tired. Can you ignore that cuckold? Can you ignore he's turned your angel into a whore?

Added: 02 Aug 2020
Clip Length: 15m 13s