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I've just had the most amazing conversation with Nikita at the gym! She does this thing called cuckolding where she basically gets to fuck whoever she likes, and her boyfriend isn't allowed to say anything! OMG - I couldn't believe the things she was telling me. How she makes her boyfriend buy her a date night outfit, how she makes him help get her ready for her date, how she makes him drive her and the other guy to their date. She even makes him pay for it all too - she calls him in after they've finished in the restaurant or the bar or whatever and she makes him pay the bill! But it gets even worse for him - at the end of the night - she actually makes him watch her fuck the other guy - right in front of him! Like can you believe all that?! It's crazy right?

We're SO gonna try this cuckolding thing! Like, I wanna do it tonight - I'm so excited! And I want to do all of it too. I'm going to take you shopping with me and you can buy some seriously hot lingerie - for the guy I'm gonna fuck to see me in - not you! You're gonna buy me a hot, short, tight and totally revealing little dress too and some cute new heels and then you can pay for my hair and nails to be done - I want to look perfect for my date, cuckold! And before the date - you can help me get ready, just like Nikita's boyfriend has to do. You can bathe me, shave my legs and brush my hair as I do my makeup. And while you're helping me prepare for 'him', I'll tease you about what I'd like to do to him tonight. How I'll dance with him, flirt with him, kiss him and let him put his hands all over me. OMG I can't wait to meet him, cuckold!

Y'know it's going to be so much fun - making you chauffeur me and my date to the club, making you pay the bill and drive us home while we make out on the back seat, but the best part of the night is still to come. I can't wait to make you take his coat and fetch him a drink - knowing he's going to be the one fucking me tonight and not you. I can't wait to take him into our bedroom and show him the lingerie set you spent so much money on. I can't wait to take his cock in my mouth but most of all, I can't wait to see your face when I call you into our bedroom to watch him fuck me. I'm gonna make you kneel right beside the bed to get a close-up view of my mouth around his cock. I'll make you watch me suck him and then I'll make you watch him fuck me. I'm going to look straight at you as you're turned into a cuckold - just like Nikita's boyfriend was.

Added: 28 Dec 2020
Clip Length: 12m 22s