Jasmin M

You're gonna LOVE me losers! I know every one of your icky fetishes and I know how to exploit them all. I know how to intimidate you, how to humiliate you and how to leave you feeling rinsed and ashamed. You're used to pretty girls like me laughing at you and making fun of you by now - but you won't be ready for my mean-girls attitude. I'll fucking destroy you with just a giggle! Please can you let me out of chastity Miss Jasmin... giggle! Please don't expose me in all my sissy frills Miss Jasmin... giggle! Please don't squish my balls under your spiked heels Miss Jasmin... giggle... squish! I'm going to totally fucking humiliate you and totally fucking ruin you and when I'm done - you're gonna thank me just so you can hear me giggle at you one last time!

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