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There's only one way losers like you get any attention from girls like me - by paying us. If you want to get any praise, any form of acknowledgement from me - you're gonna pay for it. If you want to hear me reward you with a 'Good Piggie' or a 'Well done loser' pay for it! I'm going to make you hit 'tribute' every time I say so and you'll click to get your verbal reward. $1 at a time - like playing a Vegas slot machine only this time you win EVERY time. Every time you click send and I rinse another dollar from you - you'll receive your sad little piggie-payout - good piggie - good boy... Every time I tell you to pay me - you'll pay for your dummy-dopamine hit and get some token praise from your Princess.

Pay me for my attention loser. If you want hot girls like me to give you any attention - you've got to pay for it. I don't praise rejects like you for free and you want to hear it so much don't you loser? You want to see my pretty face smile - and the only way you could ever make me smile is by sending me money. It makes me smile when I rinse losers like you and when you've sent me your cash - I'll give you the 'Good loser' you've earned. And then as quickly as I've given it to you - you're forgotten again. No more attention from me until you pay for some more. As soon as 'Good Piggie' has left my perfect lips, all I'm thinking about is making you pay me again. Your finger will hover over the 'tribute' button until I command you to send me more money - another dollar, another dollar send more, again, another dollar... keep sending loser over and over...

You're only getting spoken to by a hot girl because I want your money. The only reason you're not getting ignored is because I want to rinse you. The only way you're earning any praise is from hitting the tribute button. The only way you're getting any pleasure is from making me happy - so keep sending me dollars with every click of my pretty fingers. Click click click piggie - send me more money. Snap snap - pay your Princess for her attention. This is the way you get girls to talk to you - this is how you get my attention - paying me like a good boy. You want to be my good boy right? You want me to say nice things to you after I've bullied you into paying me? That's the way it works loser - I bully you - you pay me - I tell you what a good piggie you are. I know it's addictive loser - I know you can't stop putting dollars in the slot to earn my praise - I know my attention will ruin you!

Added: 21 Dec 2020
Clip Length: 22m 51s