Nikita Caslida

I have all the attributes a weak loser like desires in a Dominant Alpha Female. I am well spoken and well educated and I use my superior intellect to manipulate and coerce you into serving me in whatever way I wish. I am beautiful. I have perfect long black hair, flawless good-looks and a too-good-for you body you will simply do anything to worship before. You will be obsessed with me and I will use your weakness to get what I want from you. Finally, I am extremely cruel. I have that rare sadistic mind that sumbissive wimps like you are drawn to like a moth to a flame. You know how much I want to hurt you. You know how much I enjoy humiliating you and you know I revel in your suffering but you cannot help yourself - you will submit to every torture and every shameful predicament I decide to inflict upon you. You have been warned!

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