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So I was clearing out your bedside drawer this morning and I found this tucked away at the back - hidden under your underwear, would you like to tell me what it is? It's a what? A chastity device? OK like, what is it meant to do? Oh my gosh really? It locks shut around your cock and traps it to stop you from being able to touch yourself - seriously? And you do that because it turns you? Well it does sound kinda weird but what sort of girlfriend would I be if I didn't at least try out some of your kinky fantasies... drop your pants for me! Oh yeah I'm being completely serious, drop your pants and come here so I can lock your cock away! Is this how you do it? And let's just shut this padlock and done! Wow you really aren't going anywhere are you, not without this key anyway. You're actually trapped in there - like for real - you can't touch it or get hard or anything. You're squished up tight too - there's no room to grow at all - super frustrating for you huh?

It's time I let you in on a little secret! I actually found your little cock-cage toy a few weeks ago, and after talking to some of the girls about it, they very kindly told me not only what it was, but what sort of guy wears them. Turns out they are for beta-boyfriends and pathetic wimps that need their little wimp-dicks controlled! Obviously that's what you are, and you should know that I deserve much better than a little beta for a boyfriend, so you can consider yourself dumped! Our relationship is over beta-boy. I know I could've just done this when I first found out about what you really are, but you'd only trick another girl into dating you. So I decided to make sure you could never trick any girl ever again! Follow me bitch!

This key is coming with me to the bathroom - where you're gonna get one last chance to say goodbye to them! It's the only key idiot - I changed the lock you were using on the device with one of my own. There's no emergency key hidden somewhere safe - the only key to that lock is hanging around my neck. I'm going to make you watch me dangle the key over the toilet and all I have to do is let go of it and press the flusher and your sexlife will be gone forever! Why don't you beg me not to do it beta-boy. Beg me not to leave you and then beg me not to leave you locked in chastity. Convince me to forgive you for tricking me into a relationship with a loser like you! I don't think so loser - not a fucking chance - we're over so say goodbye to your keys...

Added: 04 Jan 2021
Clip Length: 14m 10s